Paul was born on the 5th August in Falkirk, Scotland. His parents Drew & Beryl Lapsley. Paul has one younger sister Johanna and two adopted brothers Ricky & Michael.
He attended Falkirk High School where he had his first taste at acting as he enjoyed the drama classes and was always active at sports.
Paul started Karate when he was seven years old. He began entering competiton at the age of twelve and won a number of medals in Kobe Osaka and National Championships.
In 1993 Paul had a serious hand injury at work and in 1995 had a tumour removed from his abdomen. However he didn't let that get in his way and continued training and competing.
His acting got more serious as he signed up with an agent and started getting work from them. He joined the Scottish Theatre and Music School where he did acting training for 3 years and had the opportunity to do plays at the Edinburgh fringe.

Paul competing in the finals at the British Championships 2012

Paul was also the face for Orange mobile when they did an advert for accessories. He was also in the Sunday Mail advert (The heart for Scotland). Paul also did work as as extra in movies Postmortem (1998 Charlie Sheen film), The Last Musketeer (2000 Robson Green TV film) and Young Adam (2002 Ewan McGregor film). In 1999 Paul got a part in a Channel 4 documentary for Secret History called Execution on Camp 21 where he had acting part with dialogue. 

Paul has done modelling for company adverts and posters.
In 2002 Paul became a full time Martial Arts Instructor. In 2003 he auditioned for a Martial Art film in England and got signed up by their company Zeon Enterprises.  Due to some miscommunication Paul missed out in two big Hollywood productions.
In 2003 Paul concentrated more on teaching and competing in karate. Paul met his future wife Tracy in 2006 and in 2011 they married. In 2011 Paul won the KOI World Championships becoming a world champion.
Paul was approached in 2011 to do a promo mini trailer for a graphic novel called Accident Man to turn into a feature film. In preparation Paul trained in  monthly acting workshops for the role. Paul put a big fight scene together for it and did a number of acting scenes for them.  
This has rekindled Paul’s passion for acting  and he is keen and enthusiastic to demonstrate his skills, experience and potential.  

Paul auditioning for a Martial arts movie and getting signed up by Zeon Enterprises 2003.